Mysteries of the cedar chest

Any information on these ladies is desired.  When we moved my mother to Connecticut she gave me an old cedar chest that I’d never seen opened – it had been in the attic of the house where I grew up and not downstairs where I could have snooped in it.  When I asked her, my mother was unsure what these are or how they came to her.  Two Great Aunts who seem to have accumulated things from Europe are the most likely source, but alas they have long passed on. These appear to be souvenier dolls from the early1900’s from three towns around Turin, Italy.  Imagine the two spinsters, sisters, on their sea voyage, two weeks on the ocean, and perhaps a few months in Europe before returning home to their retirement in southern Delaware near the Maryland border.

(Italian) Dolls – plastic, painted; felt & satin clothes, mostly immobile figures (no head turning, leg moving, but arms move)

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1. 26 Piemonte/Bardonecchia
2. Valle D’Aosta/St. Vincent
3. Torino/Pragelato

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