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Leading an interactive experience in Utrecht for “Waterways”

I’ve cycled between organizational support and programming, writing, and creative research practices since I was young.  Because of this, I often see connections that others miss between different disciplines and cultures, and bring this into my work when possible, for mutual benefit. As a natural bridge-builder, I’ve integrated into many types of communities and industries over time,  driven by a thirst for understanding how humans can better relate to each other, with all of their attachments and fumblings.

My education in art and art history is an unexpected basis for this bridge-building. But just as when you study the plants in a garden you understand the qualities of the soil from which they grow, understanding artistic practices provides the richest evidence for exploring the relationships of these many disciplines to society – and human experience – as a whole. 

Since 1997, I’ve also practiced and taught meditation and formally studied Buddhism, which is a helpful philosophical framework for understanding human nature and our perceptions.

With this background and a quick pen, I help organizations and individuals communicate about who they are and how they aim towards a better future. 

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