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This is more about where I come from and what I’m interested in. For my concise CV see my LinkedIn profile.

Leading an interactive experience in Utrecht for “Waterways”

I’ve cycled between providing organizational support and programming, writing, and creative research practices since I was a teenager, growing up in the Philadelphia area.  I specialize in seeing the connections between different interests and cultures and helping them connect to each other for mutual benefit. As a bridge-builder, I have integrated into many types of communities and industries – from investment banking to construction, physics departments to spiritual communities and the hospitality industry. My writing, research, and organizing has evolved from an unhindered thirst for understanding the world and how humans relate to each other, with all of their attachments and fumblings.

My education in art and art history is a basis for this bridge-building, as like a garden with healthy, biodiverse soil, understanding artistic practices provides the richest ground for exploring the relationships of these many disciplines in society – and human experience – as a whole.  Since 1997, I’ve also practiced meditation and formally studied the path of Buddhism, which provides a helpful framework for understanding human nature and the fundamental elements of perception.

With this background I help organizations and individuals communicate with inclusion and inspiration with their publics about who they are and how they bring the future of this world to a better place. Contributing my insight into broad cultural trends and specific industries informs how companies share their work and understand their mission. In doing so I hope to keep building bridges that counteract the polarizing tendancies of our current social relations.

Contact me:

Europe + 31 (0)6 21 346 246
America + 1 (917) 855-9892



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