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To share your research, product, or mission beyond borders, you need to tell your story clearly. Beyond language rules, you want your tone of voice and cultural insight to truly connect–otherwise, you risk missed opportunities, mis-understanding, and lost time. My skill is helping you avoid distractions from your message while attaining clear, compelling prose in your communications. As a writer and editor, I love (co)-crafting well-written, clear texts that inform and inspire – whether for publication, publicity, or internal to your organization or institute. Based in northern Europe with experience in 3 continents, I have insight into regional norms but also the perspective to see when language issues get in the way of moving your audience – to feel, take action, or commit.

The world is changing rapidly. Profits increasingly are measured in ways other than money. Human development, social infrastructure, environmental strength, and ethical interdependence are the profit measures of the future. Incorporating these perspectives into your story is another way I offer you more than the standard solutions to your communications needs.

What my clients say:

“Susan is efficient and professional, and communicates clearly. She provided more than just editing for our web site but also advice on presenting our services. We look forward to working with her again. ”

Lucy L, Owner, Sunshine Au Pair

Susan is a dedicated and independent person, with a strong sense of responsibility and a great sense of humour. Moreover, I’ve always been very impressed by the ease with which she was able to appropriate complex matter and render it in her own words. Her basic knowledge of many areas is extensive, and she learns quickly.

Domeniek Ruyters, Executive Editor, Metropolis M

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Editorial Services

Editing services range from proofreading to revising paragraphs and structure. I start by learning your goals, culture, and audience, and shape your text or copy to suit.

  • Web sites: Editing (or writing) the English-language version of your web site.
  • Articles, research reports, annual reports, newsletters, press releases, marketing copy, presentations: editing, structuring, or proofreading; compiling bibliographies; formatting within style guidelines.
  • Cultural translation/transcreation: localization, in English, for a target audience – museum texts, newsletters, web presentation
  • How-to’s, travel guidebooks, cookbooks: simplifying and clarifying language and guidance, maintaining the style of the author or producer
  • Fact-checking and research

Writing Services

I offer full-service writing for the above types of texts, as well as:

  • Creative blog posts about your product or service for industrial, scientific, arts and culture, or community/spiritual audiences
  • Newsletters and community or culture-curating
  • Synthesizing perspectives  for reader-friendly articles or reports – as white papers, social media content, or internal newsbriefs
  • Interviewing and research on contemporary, socially-relevant topics related to the role of your product/service or organization
  • Attractive copy for your website, marketing and fundraising materials

Rates are based on your briefing, and dependent on the content and publishing media.

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Clients – some of the work I’ve completed for others.

English training

If you want to have better interpersonal contact in English, I offer one-on-one coaching. This might be of interest if you already read books or newspapers in English, but expressing yourself is another story. Or you want your colleagues, employees, or (potential) customers to feel seen and engaged with. I partner with you to empower your speaking, listening, and writing abilities.

Prepare to…

  • present your research at an international conference
  • lead a seminar in an English-language setting
  • pitch international media and tell your company’s story

Working process

Through structured conversation, listening, writing and speaking exercises, homework, and mock presentations and interviews, you begin to embody the language and develop natural ways of expressing yourself.

To support your practice I create tailored materials that are relevant to your particular field or interest, so you are more engaged and inspired!

For who?

  • Media professionals – spokespersons, journalists, press officers
  • Academics – students and researchers presenting to mixed audiences in sciences and the humanities
  • Professionals facing international clients, employees and audiences.

“Susan tailored the sessions very specifically to my wishes and learning goals, and they are very stimulating and enriching. The material we study and discuss is perfectly in line with my daily work. Because of her background, Susan has not only the language skills and didactic methods, but also the academic background that helps me continue in a successful way. ”

– Maarten P, Utrecht University spokesperson

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