My Dad passed away on March 29th.  He was an amazing and complicated man, and as many know a well-known figure in the racing world. He had an incredible rebound last March after a months-long series of dramatic hospitalizations for heart, lung and neurological issues, in which he not only got fully back to work running his 50-year-old company Jenkins’ Competition here in Malvern, living on his own, and driving his inimitable custom-built red GTO coupe, but also managed at the age of 80 to start working out at a gym 3 times a week (he liked the physical therapist there so much he would buy her coffee and a danish on his way in).  Things quickly became very hectic as we are organizing the arrangements and fielding calls from his hundreds of colleagues and supporters over the years. Thankfully I was able to practice with him for some time at the hospital after he died, so he might have a peaceful transition. 

If you’re curious, this links to a number of articles about my Dad.  There will be something in the NY Times on Monday also.