Cape Breton Snow/Sky

April, 2015

Since working with Joel Meyerowitz, I’ve been mesmerized by the horizon. His classic “Bay/Sky” images inspired my photography both in the Hudson Palisades series and here in Cape Breton. I hadn’t intended to focus on photography during my time here, but as I looked through my casual daily shots, I realized there was something happening.

Winter on the west coast of Cape Breton is subtle in its beauty but sharp in its elemental push. There are hundreds here in the glory of summertime who vacate in September, leaving behind  hardy souls who look at the intrepid visitor with surprise and not a little bewilderment. Winds whip through the highlands or off the Gulf of St Lawrence approaching hurricane speeds and drive continuously changing weather throughout the day. On those days, the temperature can swing 40 degrees (farenheit) in less than an hour. Once the sea ice fills the Gulf, however, the winds become tamed, the sun is out more, and there’s a quietude pierced only occasionally by the caw of crows, the whine of weekend snowmobiles or the relentless scrape of the snowplow on the Cabot trail. More images at

March 6, top of the Shore road in Margaree Harbour.

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