3 new poems…


early dawn cabin
tiny scratching at my head
who works at this hour?

August 8, 2014




     Evening swim.

     Lavender lake, reflecting

     Ducks, fish flies, and


August 20, 2014







you walk by
holding a glass of tea, the tag
twirling, a flag
of kinship

August 22, 2014





We are born anew
each moment.
Morning fog, full of light
transforms to shadows, then outlines, then a crow
landing on a birch branch
revealing every feature – the toothed leaf,
the pearly bark etched with fine ink lines.
All fades again into dusk
but for the ground, illuminated
by the moon.

When I am the moon, I dance with the sun.
Reflecting his brilliance, my beauty is revealed, warm and ethereal,
pearly, etched with the ink of timeless eons.
Each day, a different aspect visible –
28 in all, as the earth looks on,
a delighted host.

The crow resumes his travel
meeting light with sharpness,
cutting fog
with cries of awake.

Now is the time.
Now is now.
There is nowhere else to be.

August 11, 2014, at Karme Choling








Brunswick apartment Window
Brunswick apartment Window

My friends used to have this taped to the window by the john in their bathroom.






This caught me during a stroll through the cemetary at the church in Spencertown, on the way to the post office.  The letter-style carved here seems modern – but it’s an old stone, dating from 1844.  The more flowery scripts appearing on old white marble slabs are  prone to weathering and fading, and harder to read. The relief here is a kind of newspaper headline – “WHO died?”