Nothing ventured

Late for me again to be up…I am rebelling. Since July I have been practicing a Vajranaya Buddhist liturgy that requires me to get up at 5:00 and do this particular practice, and it takes almost 2 hours. I’ve been diligent but for the last two nights in going to bed around 9:30. The rebellion is more painful than the rigorous schedule. Writing here is some sort of justification.

Descending into October is quite chilly this year. I’m excited at the prospect of real snow this winter. So far it’s still green outside, but will change soon.

In a month I hope to have an Ikebana installation at a regular salon in the loft building where I used to live. It will involve some new elements I haven’t tried before – creating a kind of installation for the ikebana to inhabit. I bought some materials and started working with them this weekend – very much an experiment.

I’m studying as well for a teacher training program that is coming in November in Vermont. I do some meditation instruction now, but would like to extend my ability to work with people.