I went to pick up a large frame today that was being scrapped by a friend P’s architecture office, which would have been a good basis for the suiban element of this ikebana installation I’m planning for Synthetic Zero. It was a last minute adventure, materializing late on a Saturday morning. Wasn’t sure if I could get a car – but A from next door was willing to embark on this escapade. After a longish bout with Union Square traffic (it was a gourgeous fall day, the market was bursting) we double parked & I ran upstairs. The building houses Beyer Blinder Belle, it’s an old marbled-stair-and-iron railing pre-war commercial building in the NYU area, with tall tropical plants nearly ceiling height on the lobby and mezzanie levels. P had sent pictures and dimensions, which didn’t seem to reconcile with each other but it was FREE and close to what I was planning to use so optimism prevailed. Indeed it was a full foot wider than we thought – at 3′ x 6′ instead of 2′ x 6′, having it hang out the side window would be out of the question. We carried it downstairs to A waiting in the car and proceeded to attempt any number of seat adjustments & trunk-accessing manuevers to no avail. I was kind of amused by the whole thing but the others were wearing varying shades of disappointment. FYI: 1995 Beamer sedans’ back seats DO NOT fold down. Brilliant idea abandoned. A is not sorry, but intrigued.