Solstice/Holiday note 2018

This was a year of research and recovering. After graduating last year, everything had to stop for a while. The Master’s in fine art is like being shot out of a cannon. I began learning Dutch. I did a lot of research into the job market and looked for something like what I was doing in NYC, but found that it was not going to be easy to recreate a livelihood here in these areas, especially not as a non-native Dutch speaker. So over the summer I concluded that there was no falling back on office work after all, it seems I have to commit to my change of life again and again, despite financial risk and fear of it totally impoverishing me. Since the late summer I have been exploring some new installation forms outdoors with wood, metal and yarn, and drawing more now that the weather has turned wintery. I began to research artist grants here. I also began developing a business as a communications coach for non-native English-speaking media professionals, and am hoping to base my livelihood on this while I develop my art practice. Sometimes I sell home-made food.

I also somehow turned 50 this year, and celebrated by traveling back to the US. I was able to visit my Pennsylvania and NY friends and family and also enjoy an advanced Qi Gong (ancient Chinese health practice) retreat in upstate New York with my community. I miss the Shambhala buddhist and qi gong community in North America a lot; though there are long-established branches in Europe as well, there isn’t a diverse and supportive community in my little city, just a small group that is challenged to grow. It has been a contrast that I didn’t realise would have such a strong impact on me. Nonetheless – nice as it was to travel in past places, I was glad to return to the Netherlands. I’m very lucky to live in such a place, where the overall society is orders of magnitude better at taking care of its fellow beings. It’s been two years and a few months since landing here; 5 years since New York was “home”. The thing I mainly miss is the amazing, diverse landscapes of North America, unequalled I would say, and seeing friends and family. Sometimes it feels disorienting to live in such a small country that nonetheless projects itself as large, with a lot of self-importance. You can cross it in 3 hours.

In the new year I plan to do more writing in addition to developing visual/environmental work, and creating more stability for all of that. I hope to hear from you if we haven’t been in touch for a while!

Liefs, en warme groeten van Nederland,


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Muntzicht view, Utrecht. December 2018